How to Adopt

We’ll help you find an animal that fits your home, interests and lifestyle.

The Adoption Process

The San Francisco SPCA strives to bring people and animals together through education and discovery. We consider important details such as a person’s home, interests and lifestyle. Then we match those with an animal’s social, exercise and training needs. Our goal is a loving home and a lasting bond. While we reserve the right to refuse an adoption, we make every effort to work with you to address concerns and to find the most appropriate companion animal.

We have two adoption center locations. If you see an animal that you’d like to meet, please note whether they are available at our Mission Campus (250 Florida Street) or our Pacific Heights Campus (2343 Fillmore Street).

Please plan on spending at least one hour for the adoption process. We’re confident that you’ll find it time well spent—and repaid with countless hours of enjoyment.

Adoption Requirements

  • Adopters must be at least 18 years old and present valid photo ID with proof of current address.
  • Some adoptions require attendance at a training class.
  • We encourage or may require all household members to meet the new dog or cat prior to adoption.
  • If you have a dog and want to adopt another, please bring your resident dog.
  • Written landlord approval, proof of home ownership and/or a home visit may be required.

Puppy Adoptions

We recommend that puppy adopters attend our FREE 1-hour Puppy Parent Orientation class, which is held several times a month on our Mission campus. Classes educate adopters about puppies and set them up for success. Attend an orientation and receive 50 percent off the puppy adoption fee.

Adoptions occur on a first-come, first-served basis beginning when the Adoption Center opens (no early arrivals, please). For same day adoptions, please make sure that you sign up at the front desk at least one hour before closing to ensure enough time to process the adoption.

Jump to a list of upcoming Puppy Parent Orientation classes and get pre-qualified today!

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Adoptions Fees

Standard Dog Adoption Fees

  • $175 dogs*
  • $350 puppy adoptions for people who have not attended our free Puppy Parent Orientation class (puppies under 5 months)*
  • 50 percent OFF puppy adoptions for people who have attended our free Puppy Parent Orientation class (puppies under five months, $175)*


Standard Cat Adoption Fees

  • $125 cats over 5 months (cats over 7 will be FREE and, courtesy of a generous donor, all adoption fees for bonded adult cat pairs will be waived)
  • $175 kittens under 5 months (fee waived for 2nd kitten adopted within 30 days)

Additional discounts may be offered for cats or dogs who arrived as bonded pairs. Double the love and inquire at the adoption desk for more information!

*At the time of adoption, San Francisco residents pay a $23 San Francisco dog license fee.

Hold Fees

We offer “adoption hold” services for your convenience. To inquire about the possibility of a hold, please call 415.522.3500 for Mission campus holds and 415.568.3058 for Pacific Heights campus holds. *Please note that we do not offer holds on kittens.*

1. Daily hold fee: $25 per day

This hold — limited to no more than two days — is available to approved adopters who need extra time to prepare for their new companion’s homecoming.

2. Medical hold fee: $40

This hold enables you to place an animal on hold while we await the results of medical testing or diagnostics, schedule the animal for spay/neuter surgery or receive a final veterinary release. The medical hold does not guarantee that the animal will become eligible for adoption or that you will adopt it.

Hold fees are not refundable and cannot be applied to the adoption fee. The SF SPCA reserves the right to decline adoptions or help find you a more appropriate companion animal.

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